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Bruce and Serena Dyksen

Inspiring, Informative, Impactful

Welcome to the official website of Bruce and Serena Dyksen,  dynamic keynote speakers who captivates audiences with their insightful talks and thought-provoking personal abortion wound story. 

Bruce and Serena Dyksen

are the Founders of She Found His Grace Abortion Recovery. They have an impactful story of overcoming the brokenness of abortion and sexual assault. They have a passion to stand for life, God's forgiveness and redemption of marriage. Bruce has a powerful voice for fighting for his marriage, family and seeing his family heal after trauma. 

Keynote Topics

Explore Bruce and Serena's  impactful keynote topics that are tailored to inspire, inform, and leave a lasting impact:

  • Abortion Regret and Healing

    • Serena has a story of overcoming sexual assault at 13 and abortion. She shares her story with hope, healing, forgiveness and freedom. 

  • Marriage/Forgiveness

    • Bruce and Serena share a beautiful redemption story of God healing their marriage. They offer hope to couples who are struggling. 

Bruce and Serena have been featured on Focus on the Family and many other networks and podcast as speakers. You can also read their book, She Found His Grace on Amazon.

Book Bruce and Serena Dyksen below. 

Make your next event unforgettable by booking Bruce and Serena Dyksen as your keynote speaker. Contact us today to check availability and discuss your event's specific needs.

Email or Text or Text 574-400-5272

 You can find Bruce and Serena on social media for the latest updates, behind-the-scenes content, and more.

For media inquiries, speaking engagements, or general questions, please contact:

Serena Dyksen

Joni Lamb

Co-Founder and President of Daystar Television 

“My heart was captured by Serena Dyksen's story from the very beginning. The challenges she faced were too much for one person to navigate. Pick up a copy of her book today and let the revealing, compelling and captivating story of Serena's surrender in She Found His Grace, restart your heart in those secret places you have locked away."

Rev. Don Wilerson

Co-Founder of Teen Challenge 

"Both a heart-wrenching and heartwarming account of a young girl and women overcoming abortion, abuse and near abandonment."

Lia Mills

“Painfully honest, remarkably inspirational, Serena's story reminds us that it's possible to make beauty our of ashes."


Serena has been a guest on Joni Table Talk, Focus on the Family, Fox and Friends and much more. She is a well sought after national speaker. 


She Found His Grace Book
Read more about Serena's story here. 

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